Synthetic Tennis Court Maintenance

Our professional synthetic tennis court maintenance is guaranteed to extend the life and improve the appearance of your sports surface, as well as greatly enhancing player enjoyment and safety.

The most common problems encountered on synthetic tennis courts stem from a lack of maintenance, which is a year-round requirement on any artificial sports surface. If your tennis court is showing signs of poor drainage then our rejuvenation services may be required.


The sand on the playing surface is removed using our compressed air method, or high pressure washing method to a depth of the carpet to remove dirt and compacted sand. It is then refilled with the new clean sand to the correct levels. The surface is then drag brushed extensively to give an excellent high quality finish.

A moss and algaecide treatment will also be applied to kill off any remaining spores – where with more than 30 years of sports surface expertise, we’re quick to recognise the needs of your tennis court and have unrivalled product knowledge of the specialist chemicals required for the treatment of certain weeds, moss and algae.

Once the playing surface has been rejuvenated, ColourCourt can provide a professional synthetic tennis court maintenance programme to ensure that the playing capabilities and physical appearance of your sports surface are retained.

Renovation and Regular Maintenance

The playing surface is brushed and buffed to agitate and lift the carpet pile. It is then drag brushed extensively to reintroduce the infill evenly. Moss and algae treatments can then be applied to kill off any remaining spores and discourage regrowth.

Private tennis courts in particular are vulnerable to moss and algae growth, as they are often situated in the shade of overhanging trees and vegetation and may only be regularly used for a few months of the year.

In-house efforts, such as leaf blowing and drag brushing, combined with our professional synthetic tennis court maintenance can help to ensure that your sports surface remains in excellent condition for many years to come. Or for a complete renovation, we also provide a specialist line remarking, refitting and repainting service.

To extend the life of your synthetic tennis court today, call us on 01582 670446 or email us at [email protected].

A worn synthetic tennis court before our professional maintenance services.

A rejuvenated synthetic tennis court after our professional maintenance services.